Friday, May 17, 2013

UVA Visit

We are finally home after our overnight to UVA.  We are so thankful to report that David's scan was CLEAN!!!!  We praise God for this wonderful news that will buy our family three more months of "normal" family life.  Poor David was so sick last summer that he missed out on all the summer fun, so we are excited to have some sunshine fun this summer. 

David handled the sedation for his CT scan well today. It seemed to take longer than usual, but it is a long process for a scan that only lasts a few minutes. He has to have a bolus of fluid to pre-hydrate his kidney, then he gets the contrast dye via IV which takes a while.  He was gone from us for almost three hours.  I wish I could say this whole process gets easier, but it simply does not.

We left Thursday night to head to Charlottesville because a local Walmart was having a fun fair for Children's Miracle Network.  We got there before it rained so David could have some fun.  Mike also personally thanked the Walmart employees who help raise money for UVA children's hospital through the balloon campaign.  Walmart employees have been enthusiastic supporters of Children's Miracle Network and have raised many thousands of dollars to support the kids at UVA hospital.
David also had fun hanging out with another Miracle Child, Savannah.  She is precious with these sweet little blonde curls. 
David loved all over her-it was so sweet!  I enjoy meeting other Miracle Families because though their journey has been a little different, we have UVA children's hospital in common.  We have all had sick children fighting for their lives within the walls of that amazing hospital.  We are so honored to be included in the group of Miracle Families. 
No trip to clinic is complete without David giving Dr. Belyea a checkup.  They have their little routine down where David listens to Dr. B's heart, while he checks out David.  We love the entire staff at clinic and it is always so nice to visit with our UVA "family" while we are there. 

This evening we are praising God for the good news from todays visit to UVA.  It was a long ride home as we anxiously await the news from the scans, but we both were at peace.  We trust in God's plan for our family and we know that whether the news was good or bad today, He would with us.  God is the reason that we can have peace on these yucky scan days.  Thank you to all who texted, messaged, emailed and most importantly prayed for our Rockstar today. 

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