Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

This weekend has been awesome.  We have had fun adventures, church, and lots of rest and downtime.  I am a truly blessed and rested woman. 
Yesterday Mike and Kyle went to a travel ball tournament for Kyle.  I was sad to miss it, but we had tickets to Princess on Ice!  Our sweet little friend Sydney was turning three so a group of us went to watch this amazing show for her birthday.  Hope was so excited and she chose her Belle costume to wear.  She wanted her hair done, makeup on, and she even requested some glitter spray for her hair. 
This picture makes me belly laugh, because Hope was trying to master the "princess pose" and David was trying to make her laugh.  David was just as excited about our day as she was. 
The show was put on by Disney and so of course it was magnificent.  It was over two hours which is a long time for little ones, but all of our kids were glued.  Here is princess tiana kissing the frog. 
Mickey and Minnie were there too of course, and it was so exciting!  My two are going to love disney this summer!!! 
Beautiful Cinderella in her carriage. 
Hope and Sydney!  Sydney is hilarious and she made me laugh all day long.  "Bring it on Grandpa" is hilarious coming out of a three year olds mouth! After a stressful week last week, spending the day with friends laughing and watching a magical show was perfect. 
David LOVED the show and Belle (our favorite princess) did not come out until the Grand Finale and I happened to catch his expression when Belle and the Prince came out. 
Cancer stinks but it has made me enjoy the precious moments of life even more.  I got very teary-eyed yesterday when Rapunzel and Flynn sang I See the Light and my very own little beautiful princess was sitting on my lap belting it out.  The last year and a half has had it share of drama, trauma, and stress, but yesterday surrounded by friends and watching this magical show overwhelmed me in happiness. 
No Disney show is complete without Mickey and Minnie! 
The highlight of the show for my two-Belle!!!! 
During the finale all the princess were on stage dancing with their princes, and Belle happened to be right in front of us.  My shy little girl started shouting "Belle" trying to get her attention to wave at her.  Oh Disney is going to be so exciting this summer!! 
Fireworks at the end. 
When we came home there was a huge storm.  After the storm we looked out and saw this beautiful and vibrant rainbow.  This is scan week coming up and to see such a visible reminder of God's promises will carry me through this stressful week.  Scan weeks make me want to throw up worrying if David has relapsed, but God is faithful and his promises are true. 
As we were taking pictures of the rainbow, I got this picture on my phone.  Kyle and his travel ball team won the tournament championship!!!  This is a first for Kyle and he was so excited. 

Today on this Mother's Day I thank God for the downtime that we have had today.  My favorite present today was the two hour nap that I got while Mike took the kids outside to play. 

I thank God for the three babies that I was blessed to birth and raise.  Motherhood has not always been the easiest road (whoever would think that their baby would fight childhood cancer?) but God has used motherhood to teach me about Him.  This control freak Momma needs to be reminded that I can do nothing without Him and that He loves my babies even more than I do. 

We covet your prayers for this Friday.  We will head to UVA Thursday evening to we can be at the hospital by 7 a.m. on Friday.  These scans never get easier, but we know from experience that God will indeed meet us there.  Happy Mother's Day!

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