Sunday, May 5, 2013

Party Girl!

This has been a restful weekend around here. The weather has been freakishly cool and rainy.  Kyle had a baseball game Saturday and I literally dug out the kids snow clothes so they could play outside during the game. 

This weekend has been more SOL studying for Kyle.  He has now taken 2 of 5 and in two weeks they will all be done!!!

We have such great educators here in Smyth County and the other night during gymnastics one of Kyle's teachers quizzed him while our girls flipped around.   His team of teachers has worked very hard to prepare them for these tests.  His teacher from last year even texted us on the way to school to wish him luck on his science SOL. 
Hope was invited to two little preschool birthday parties this weekend.  Girlfriend may be shy but she loves a good birthday party.  One of the parties was a skating/bouncy house party and she loved it.  She would skate a while and then bounce a while.  She was super proud of her Tinker Bell skates that she brought with her from home. 
She came home with lots of pirate goodies and I think she makes a cute little pirate girl:) 
Hope went to another birthday party this afternoon after church and she was super excited because she got to ride with another friend and go by herself:) Notice Mr. Cookie monster who jumped in the picture last minute.  He and I made cookies this afternoon-hence the chocolate covered mouth! 
It was pouring the rain and so she bundled up and waited by the door for her ride to the party.  She also thought to put her present in a bag so her gift would not get wet.  She is growing up so fast-it really makes me sad.  She is going through an ultra helpful phase right now that we are enjoying. She loves to put stuff away and there is very little I do in the kitchen without her under my feet constantly helping me. 
The other news of the weekend is that Mike rescheduled David's May scan.  It was originally scheduled for May 31st which is the last day of school.  Mike called UVA and they were gracious enough to reschedule it for May 17th.  It is coming up quickly but now I have less time to get nervous about it. 
The scan in February I totally fell apart over, so I am praying hard for this one.  This never gets easier but we are blessed with a strong support system, an amazing medical team, and our awesome God. 

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