Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cancer Sucks

Sorry for the language but that is how I feel tonight.  I just got a text from my friend, Lisa, who lost her sweet Thomas to childhood cancer several years ago.   The Thomas Musser 5K in his honor, is this Saturday in Rural Retreat to raise money for St. Jude.  Even though David did not receive treatment at St. Jude, we still whole-heartedly support this wonderful cause because St. Jude not only took such wonderful care of the Musser family, but they do very important research that they freely share with hospitals such as UVA. 

Cancer sadly took sweet Thomas and left a hole in their family forever.   Childhood cancer fights dirty and mean and preys on our sweet kids.  Please join us this Saturday in Rural Retreat at the fire hall to walk or run to fight back against this Goliath!  Registration starts at 9 a.m. and the race starts at 10:00.  It is a very family-friendly event.  You can competitively run the race, walk leisurely with the family, or do like I typically do and walk the block! 

Sadly we are pulling out our suitcase to head to UVA tomorrow for David's scan.  Cancer sucks and it makes me mad that it tries to steal our peace when we face that dreaded CT machine.  We know that our God goes before us, and that we are being covered in prayer by so many sweet friends and family. 

Over the last two months David has been battling a nasty ear infection.  We have tried multiple oral antibiotics but as of last week it was not any better.  So his sweet  pediatrician decided to do three days of an injectible antibiotic to knock it out.  Three straight days last week David went to the doctor and had a shot in each thigh for a total of six shots.  It was brutal but we felt like it was necessary to finally knock the infection out.  Today he went for a follow-up and sure enough the darn infection is still there!!!!  Mike and I are really sad that he went through that for nothing and it looks like tubes (again) are the next step.  His pediatician is trying to work it out with an ENT at UVA to get his tube put in the nasty ear while he is sedated Thursday for the scan-wouldn't that be awesome!

So tonight my heart is sad that David endured painful shots for nothing, that cancer strikes amazing children like Thomas and David and so many others each year and that the funding for childhood cancer is a joke.  David received treatments that were approved over forty years ago and are known to cause heart problems!!  Come out Saturday to fight back against childhood cancer and to support the wonderful Musser family.  David and I will be there with bells on! 

We will update after the scan and thank you in advance for all the prayers:)

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