Thursday, December 5, 2013

Total Amazing Whirlwind!

We are finally home after a wonderful, crazy, stressful, two days. These pictures are totally out of order, but our whirlwind started yesterday morning when we headed to the Barter Theatre in Abingdon to see Twas the Night Before Christmas with our preschool friends. It was amazing! I choked down my lunch to head to David's school to pick him up to head out of town.

We left Marion at 2:00 and made it to Orange County (with one pit stop) by 6:15. We lived there and both worked in the school system there from 2000-2005. We made some amazing friends there that we still remain in touch with. They were so kind and sweet to us during David's diagnosis and treatment. Last night, we were invited to the high school for a reception....little did we know that the high school SCA had been selling paper stars for their tree with all donations going to Give Kids the World!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Then after they presented David with a check for Give Kids the World ($300) they had a table for him to sell our salt dough stars! Here is Mr. Business Man selling his wares decked out in his Lebron getup:)

Our dear friend Susie Swope's son, Zachary is very involved in SCA and here he is presenting David with the check!!!!!! WOW!! We were blown away. We knew they wanted to purchase stars from us, but then to realize that the school had done this with their paper stars floored us. Wow! We felt so loved and humbled.

Here are Hope and Sydney waiting for the Barter play to begin. This was one of the BEST shows I have ever seen there. It was funny, entertaining, with a wonderful message in it.

Hope waved to St. Nicholas but did not care to have her picture with him, of course:)

After the show, all the preschoolers and parents headed to a local restaurant for lunch. Here is Hope with two of her sweet preschool friends. I cannot even think about preschool graduation because I love all of my kiddos!!

Here are David and Zachary posing in front of all the stars on their tree! Can you believe it? Their generous donation put us over the $2,000 mark last night!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Here is the display bulletin board they did in the main hall at the high school to make others aware of David's story and Give Kids the World. If you ever ever hear of people talking about "kids today" in a negative light, please share this blog with them. I am amazed and humbled that these awesome teenagers did all of this for David and Give Kids the World which is so special to us. WOW-we were truly speechless!

Of course I made Mike drive us by our old house in Orange and I am so thrilled to see that it is still being loved on by some great family! It looks so good and I would have LOVED to have knocked on the door. We also stopped by the Timmons' house to see them for a few minutes. You know they are good people and friends when they welcome out clan into their house for a "surprise" visit on a school night! Ha!

We made it back to the hotel late last night and we crashed. Scan mornings are early mornings so we had to be at UVA by 8. Sadly a baby who needed a head CT was before David so we had to wait for over two hours before we made it back into the scan room. DAvid was a trooper and handled it better than I did. We were also sad that his tube could not be placed while we were there. We had a rough start to our morning, but it all worked out. David was sleepier than usual after sedation and here are Mike and Hope trying so hard to wake him up:)

We can laugh about it now, but it was really the LONGEST day ever at UVA hospital! After we finally got David into the scan room, had his scan, woke up from the sedation we still had to head to clinic for a visit with the sweet Dr. Druzgal. We had finally gotten him into clinic and Mike laid him down in the bed to sleep off his sedation when the fire drill went off. Seriously. Mike had to carry him quickly down three flights of stairs to get out of the hospital. It took a while to get the all clear to go back in. It was unbelievable!

Then we met with Dr. Druzgal and she thougth he looked awesome!!! His labs were steady and finally on the way home we got the magic call to say the scan was all clear!!!! Praise the Lord! We are so thankful!

The last two days have been a total whirlwind, but we are so humbled by the love shown to our boy. Thank you Orange County for welcoming us back with open arms, thank you for giving to a cause that is so important to us, thank you UVA for once again taking great care of us all, and thank you to God for getting us through a long and hard day. We are so tired tonight but so thankful and blessed.

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