Sunday, December 15, 2013

Now It is Christmas

I was chatting with a friend earlier in the week about how we were not quite "feeling" the Christmas spirit yet.  Well, after the last few days, God has blessed me with opportunities to be overwhelmed in the Christmas spirit. 

Last night at church, Ashley, her mother-in-law Sally, Mr. Bryan, and two other awesosme church ladies took a group of first through fourth graders and put on Charlie Brown's Christmas.  I figured that it would be an abridged version but it was not!!  These children put on the real how from start to finish!  It was the best show I have ever seen a group of children put on.  Unreal.  They have been practicing since October and it was evident. 

Brooklyn and Hope came in on the end in the nativity scene.  Prechoolers and kindergarteners made up the Nativity.  David was sweet Woodstock!!  I could barely stand the cuteness.  Here are Matt and Ashley with the kids after the show.  At the end of the show after the nativity characters got in place, there was a congregational sing along and I could barely sing for the lump in my throat.  Pure Christmas Magic!
My sweet babes.  I was so overcome because not only was the show AMAZING but David did awesome!  How wise of the ladies to put him as Woodstock because he was a vital part of the show but did not have to speak any lines.  He took his role so seriously in his new Woodstock costume that Ms. Donna made for him. 
There is nothing sweeter to me than a group of children playing in the nativity scene.  Mary and Joseph were so young and naiive that it tenders my heart to see children playing the roles. 
This is the part of the show that will forever be in my heart.  Woodstock (David) and Snoopy (Lanie) had to do a dance together.  They nailed it and it was so precious.  After their little choreographed dance, then they could do their own thing.  David then broke out into the robot dance!!  It was hilarious, oh so him, and everybody laughed.  Our sweet boy never ceases to melt my heart. 
Woodstock and Snoopy decorating Snoopy's dog house while Charlie Brown (Tyler who has amazing) lamented how commercial Christmas has gotten! 
Props outside of the santuary-the ladies that put this on are so creative and awesome with kids. 
Our proud Woodstock!!
What started my overwhelming Christmas spirit was on Wednesday afternoon.  The elementary aged children went to the nursing home to carol and visit with the residents.  The youth stayed behind and put treat bags together for the younger kids talking about the many names of Jesus through candy.  When we arrived back from the nursing home, the youth got up and spoke about why each candy is specifically in the treat bags.  Here is Kyle talking about the milky way bar reminding us that Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life. 
My heart was so touched at the nuring home.  We have several church members there that we took time to visit.  David was fantastic at the nursing home and was so kind and polite to all.  Here he is with Mrs. Connor who was a beloved teacher here in our county and she asked all 35ish children to line up to hug her.  We sang carols and visited with residents at the nursing home.  Walking those halls and singing Silent Night with David and our church friends touched my heart.  I must take David back again soon.  He loved it!!
I am in overload with Christmas spirit now.  I am so thankful that David got to shine last night as Woodstock, and our sweet and shy girl rocked her angel character last night in front of a packed church.  I am thankful for the friends that came to cheer my kids on, and most importantly for the gift of that little baby who came and changed us all. 

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