Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trip to the Radio Station!

This community never ever ceases to amaze us.  Seriously.  The folks in this county have hearts as big as the mountains that surround us.  Today we were once again blown away by the generosity of spirit that exists here. 

We were invited to a local radio station today to talk about Give Kids the World and our mission project of raising money to give back to the resort that blessed us so much.  David, Ashley, and I were invited into the studio at 4:00 today for a live interview about an upcoming open house we will be attending this weekend at the Herb House to sell stars!  We put on earphones and talked into the microphone like we had done it a million times.  David got a little silly but he had such fun!

Meet the lovely CJ.  She was the one who hosted us this afternoon.  Here she is giving David a VT mini helmet for coming on air with her-can you believe it?  To prepare for our visit she read our entire blog (crazy huh?!) to get to "know" our family before coming in.  She has an amazing personality and David loved her!  They had a dance party in the studio during one of the songs and David taught her his signature move of "the sprinkler!"
Cute little dude!  I was a little star struck being in the studio but then I warmed up and felt so grateful to share about our experience at GKTW and how we want to give back so other children with life-threatening illnesses can experience the true magic that we did.  Today we experienced another God moment that only he could have orchestrated.  To have a local radio station owner (Blake Frazier) just out of the blue invite our family down to the station to share about our mission project was amazing! 
Here is David on-air!  Yikes-David with a live microphone was a little scary because he did get a little silly.  CJ talked on-air about my blog which was so sweet.  She gave out the web address and encouraged her listeners to read.

I was so thankful for the opportunity to come on-air and share about the upcoming open house this weekend at the Herb House.  If you have not been to the Herb House yet-Saturday is the day!  David will be there with his stars from 11-1!  The Herb House has amazing local goods, ice cream, paint your own pottery, and art classes.  It is a magical place and we will be there this Saturday! 

Thank you CJ for an amazing afternoon in the studio and for allowing David to share our family mission project with your listeners.  We loved spending time with you!! 

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