Thursday, December 12, 2013

We are Bad....He is Good

This has been an intense week.  Must Do lists have been long, time has been short, expectations have been high, and sadly tempers have been short.  I literally got my feelings hurt this week and spent way too much time obsessing over an issue that cost very little money and took about an hour of my time (when I stopped complaining)! 

My feelings got hurt at church where sadly we "think" things like this should not happen-right?  We Christians just walk around spewing love and grace-right?!  Maybe at your church, but not where I was this week:) Let me preface it by saying that I adore my church.  I am challenged, encouraged, loved, accepted, and the list goes on.  I love serving at church and I truly enter into worship there several times per week.  My church is not the problem.  It actually rocks.

Sadly, we are.  We, sinful little humans, forget who we are sometimes and we get our feelings hurt over trivial little things. Sadly we also forget that we are here to serve and love others and to glorify God.  Not only are we on the receiving end of others serving their own selfish needs, but we sometimes act selfishly.

 Here is a true story from our own house last night.  Me, sweet little christian wife and mother, heard my husband violently heaving in the bathroom from a nasty bug.  Instead of rushing to his side, and washing his face with a wash cloth I sighed loudly because #1) I was grossed out and #2) I was fearful that he would wake up our sleeping children.  Yep, pretty much thinking of my own selfish needs instead of poor Mike's.

So  after getting my feelings hurt this week at a sacred place and then witnessing my own selfish behavior last night with poor Mike, I have come to a conclusion.  We are so bad and our God is so good.  He is the only one who is perfect.  We are off the hook to be perfect because He is.  So my encouragement tonight  is please do not judge God and His church based on our actions.  Please.

Please do not ever let sinful people represent the church to you.  We are going to let you down every.single. time. The only one who is worthy of your trust, your love, and your heart is God.  He will never disappoint you, He will never ever turn his back to you, or bicker with you over some trivial matter in His house.  He adores you and wants you to come closer to Him.  Please do not let sinful christians taint you and keep you from coming closer to God and entering into his house to worship Him.

This is what I know:

I love Jesus with my whole heart.  I have committed my heart, my family, and my future to Him.  He has my whole heart.  I trust in His plan even though we have taken some serious detours along the way called special needs and childhood cancer. 

Please do not judge God based on me or any other Christian.  I am selfish, hold a grudge, and a bad word pops out of my mouth every once in a while.   I am short-tempered, hormonal, and can be a tad judgmental.  Please look towards my God instead of my sin.   Get to know our God who wants to lavish love, grace and mercy on you.  I know this selfish wife could use a dose of grace from God tonight and heaven knows my poor, sick husband needs a dose of grace too.  His christian, loving wife certainly did not shower it upon him as he was heaving last night:) Only God is good.  Only God is worthy of your trust, your love, and your life. 

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