Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas Miracle

As mentioned in an earlier post our local pediatrician worked very diligently to try to coordinate with UVA while David was sedated for his scan to have a tube placed in his left ear to relieve this stubborn infection/fluid.  We really were optimistic that it could happen to try to minimize the number of times that David would have to be sedated. 

Sadly on scan day back on December 5th the tube was not able to be placed in his ear.  The ENT and his residents were scheduled other places, the proper equipment was not where it should be, etc... Mike and I both (as well as his pediatrician) were sad that David would be facing another surgery over Christmas break to place a tube in his ear.  Tube surgery is no biggie, but it does concern us that he would have to be sedated AGAIN after all he has been through. 

So UVA had given us a date of tomorrow (December 18th) for a consult with the ENT and surgery in the OR for December 20th.  We were resigned that this would be the plan.

Last Monday we met with a local ENT (Dr. Davis who is amazing) to consult with him about David's ear and see if he could get David in the OR quicker here locally.  He looked in David's ear and said that before he would send him to the OR he had one more trick to try.  He put this little tiny sponge in his ear with some new drops and said to keep this sponge thing in for three days.  David did cooperate with the new drops, but the sponge lasted about two hours instead of three days.  Because the sponge fell out, I was not too optimistic this trick would work.

I am overwhelmed in gratitude to report that it did work!!!!!  Tomorrow when David gets out of school a half day for Christmas break we get to come home do all the fun things to get ready for Santa like cook, wrap, make gingerbread houses, paint pottery at the Herb House, and relax instead of heading to UVA for a consult and surgery.  I am overwhelmed and humbled to realize that once again God's plan was THE perfect plan.

Back on December 5th, the morning of the scan, Mike and I lit up our phones calling everyone but Obama trying to "persuade" someone, anyone to put this tube in our babies ear.  I even was asking random nurses if they could do it!  This situation has once again reminded me that God DOES have a plan for us and that it is THE perfect plan.  Sometimes I just need to give up control and let God be God.  When it comes to my kids, I forget that God loves them even more than I do and that He does have a plan.  I know I am a control freak which sometimes get in the way of me letting God be God.

For I know that plans that I have for you, plans for good to give you a hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

That day at UVA I was so frustrated to think that my plan was not panning out, but God, our amazing and infinite God, probably wanted to smack me over the head that day and say "I have a better plan that is way easier and involves a teeny sponge and a few magic drops.  Chill out girl and let me be God!"

I never want my desire to be in total control with my kids (or anything) to be a stumbling block to my faith. God has proven to us over and over and over again that He is faithful, true, and loving.  Why I continue to try to control my paths when I know in my head and heart that God's path is perfect baffles me?!  I have already turned over David's overall  survival from this cancer nightmare to God.  If I trust God with David's survival, why did I doubt tiny little ear tubes?  Thank goodness God does not give up on me when I act like such an immature control freak:) 

So clear and fluid-free ears are my Christmas miracle this year.  David can now hear without enduring another surgery!  We can plan fun over break instead of surgery, and once again God had to take some pretty drastic measures to remind this stubborn controlling diva that He is God and that His plan is perfect.

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