Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Post #1

Blogger is being fussy on this Christmas Day and is limiting the number of pictures I can put on one post??!  Interesting.... Oh well!!

Yesterday we started the festivities at GG and Pop's house in Radford.  My brother and his family (minus Hunter) were there as well as my Aunt Charlotte, her husband Ron, and my Memaw!!  She was hospitalized a month ago and has been in a rehab facility since.  It was such a treat that she felt well enough to come celebrate with us. Here is GG playing the piano for Clayton and David to sing:)
The kid table!!  We really missed Hunter:(
I did manage to wrangle the kids under the tree for a picture.  Maybe I can photoshop Hunter in?! 
They may look all sweet, but here the true personalities shine!!!  I need to frame this one for GG:)
Memaw with the boys!  A month ago I took a day off to go see her in the hospital-we were worried she would not make it to Christmas since she opted not to put the defibulator in, but amazingly one month later we broke her out of rehab at the nursing home to party with her. 
It is hard, hard work to celebrate the birth of Jesus:)  Between my parents house and church Princess Hope took a power nap to get through church.  I don't have pictures from church, but it was beautiful and touched my heart.  After communion we went to the altar to pray, and I just poured out my thanksgiving to God that David is with us, he is healthy and he does not have ear tubes in.  My heart was so full last night at church. 
This morning, three excited kiddos heading into the living room to see their loot!  It was really a wonderful two days full of church, family, laughter, and fun.  It has been one of the least stressful and most fulfilling Christmas' we have had in a long time.  We feel so blessed. 

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