Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Wonderful day at UVA!

We are home after two full and wonderful days at UVA. 

Yesterday clinic was crazy!  While we waited to see Dr. B, a sweet volunteer brought around a big book and David read to her.  We are filling up our summer reading log even on the road!  Mike and Kyle had to stay home due to work and baseball committments, so Pops chauffered us to UVA.  It was a sweet treat to spend this much time with him on Father's Day weekend.  He often takes Mikes place on our trips to UVA when Mike cannot go due to work.  Pops and I spent many hours together while David was in treatment-he is a cool dude! 

Yesterday while taking the pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, Pops remembered one of our funnier moments while Dave was in the hospital. One night Mike spent the night with Dave in the hospital, and Pops and I stayed at the RMH. The next morning it was pouring the rain and a sweet amish couple was going to walk to the hospital to see their baby in the NICU.  Pops offered for them to ride the few blocks with us to avoid getting drenched.  He even offered to pull the car up to the door of the RMH so me nor the amish couple would get wet.  Pops is not known for his amazing driving and he hit the curb while trying to pick us up at the door.  The sweet amish couple who are probably used to horse and buggy chose to walk that morning in the downpour than take their chances with Pops!  Bahahhahaha! 
Today we witnessed a historic event at UVA Hospital.  Today, the new UVA Children's Hospital opened its doors for a ribbon cutting!  I truly do not have the words to express how magnificent and gorgeous this new facility is.  It is over 200,000 square feet and it will house 36 pediatric speciality clinics.  Oncology is one  of the clinics that will be there.  I just kept texting Mike "wow." Here is David with sweet Tucker who was one of the ladies that came to our house for the video. 
David with Dr. Belyea.  We are so blessed to have him on David's team. 
These are some of our UVA friends that feel like family with Dr. B. 
David also loves Mr. Ryan Lightner who is in charge of the Children's Miracle Network.  I really think David would like to change his last name to Lightner and live forever with him in Cville. 
Three gorgeous and amazing cancer warriors!  Raygan is on the left and is currently in treatment for neuroblastoma.  She will start another round of scary and intense antibody therapy soon at UVA and could use your prayers.  Anna is another sweet friend who recently finished treatment for Leukemia and just got back from her wish trip to Disney!  I do not like how we know these awesome folks but I am so glad that we do. 
This picture makes me laugh, but here is the new waiting area for the oncology clinic-can you believe how gorgeous?!  Here is a precious crew of cancer warriors and siblings laid back in the new chairs.  The whole front of the hospital is windows so the new hospital is open and goegeous. 
David loves Dr. B and always steals his stethoscope when he comes around. Here he is giving Dr. B and checkup while his own twins, Evan and Charlie watch.  Raygan refers to Dr. B as "Dr. Two Boys" because one time his boys were with him and the name stuck. 
Dr. B with some of his patients and crew. 

We met a new friend today, Wes, who is in treatment for neuroblastoma.  He is so gorgeous:)
The UVA ladies basketball team were on hand for a photo booth picture op.  David had to show these ladies his hoops moves. 
Our last stop during the tour was a well bear clinic.  David loved all the activities they had today, but this one was my favorite.  Each child got a bear and got to name it (David named his Lebron) and then visit each station to give the bear a checkup.  It was so very sweet! 
We were so honored to be on hand today for the festivities for the opening of this gorgeous new facility.  We have said all along that we knew we were getting top notch care, but now we will get this wonderful care in an amazing setting.  Well done UVA! 

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