Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Summertime

Our family loves summer time.  We are so busy and scheduled during the school year that we relish the less structured time in the summer.  I have been a blog slacker the last few days because we have been living life to the fullest. 

Last summer Kyle fell in love with tennis.  He has really improved and gotten better than his mom already:)  He played in a tennis tournament this past weekend and had a great time.  Lost both of his matches to two older boys, but he was there for the experience and to improve.  We also found out that maybe Hope and Dave are not great tennis spectators-they cannot be quiet!  Ha!
Last night we met up with our closest circle of friends for a cookout to say goodbye to the Jonas family.  I can still barely handle that they are moving, but we are all trying to stay positive and support them in their move when frankly I just want to throw myself in front of the moving truck.  I love this display that was made that is full of lollipops and says "it sucks that you are moving!"  That is how we all feel and the kids all loved the lollipops! 
Hope and Sage are so sweet together.....
God has blesed us with some good friends and we are so thankful for true and loyal friends.  Macy, Hope and Sydney are all the babies in their families with two older brothers.  These are tough girls!
Tonya even made a slide show of all of our fun times together.  It was shocking to see in six years how much our kids have grown?! God has blessed us with some fun and precios memories. 
To drown our sorrows from losing one of our BFF's we headed to the lake today to have some fun.  Here is Amber, Tonya, and Kyle on the tube!  Comedy Central has nothing on this crew tubing!  I laughed my head off at them. 
Sweet Hope and Macy.  Macy is one brave daredevil!  She went as fast as all the big boys on the tube. 
Dave, Macy, and Tonya!  We thought David and Macy would want to go slow, but they kept asking to go faster!!!  They were flying by the end of the day and David even flipped off one time and came up laughing!  He has come so far. 
This crew of Caleb, Reid, and Kyle made me laugh too!  Here they are hititng a wave and screaming like girls!  Ha!
Hope and Macy doing some dock jumping.  Hope was not brave enough to tube, but she loved that jumping in and swimming. 
Hope's doing a "cannon opener!"  She gets confused between cannon balls and can opener:)  We really had a fun fun day getting out of town and making memories on the lake. 

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