Friday, June 13, 2014

Clinic Visit

Pops, Dave, and I are in Charlottesville tonight after a long day in clinic.  Despite stress over labs, David really loves going to see our UVA family.  Dr. B thought David looked great and his labs once again were hemolyzed and not accurate:(  His Creatinine (which we trust) is holding steady at .8 which is good for him. 

Sadly clinic was insanely busy today.  Not only with oncology patients, but with lots of other specialty clinics going on.  I was a little emotional starting our appointment today because our first stop was to the newly renovated Ronald McDonald House to drop off an SUV load of pop tabs.  Thanks so much those who saved them for us and please keep them coming.  The RMH house is truly appreciative of any pop tabs they get:)

Being back in the house brought back lots of sad memories from those first scary days.  It is gorgeous now but it still brought back lots of memories.  Then we went to clinic and I realized that this would be the last time we would be there-we have spent hours upon hours in that clinic and the next time we come it will be to the new building. 

Dave loved seeing Dr. B and we overall got a good checkup.  We are staying over tonight to attend the Battle Building opening at the new UVA Children's hospital.  We drove by it today and it looks so gorgeous!!  Can't wait to see the new space that the staff is so deserving off. 

Off to snuggle with my Dave.  He got a new pair of cool socks for being so brave with his labs today-we used to reward him with a trip to Toys-R-Us and now he wants to go to the sports store for a pair of cool socks:)  Our boy is growing up.  Thanks so much for all the calls, texts, and prayers today. 

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