Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet Birthday Girl, Daddy Day and a Sad Goodbye

Yesterday was a bundle of emotions and frankly this morning I feel a little hung over from all the tears, smiles, and love. Life is hard and wonderful all at the same time.

Yesterday we celebrated the Father's in our life. I had already spent two days with my own Daddy earlier in the weekend when we road tripped to UVA, so yesterday we celebrated Mike. Mike is an awesome father who is tough on our kids out of total love. He is a man of integrity and love for Jesus and I am so thankful that he is my partner in parenting. It has been a rough few months for Mike and frankly I am in awe of how he has maintained his dignity and class. His actions preach a powerful sermon every. single. day. God blessed me with a Daddy who is a Godly man and a husband who too loves the Lord. I also know that Mike's Dad was on his mind yesterday. He has been gone almost two years and I know that it still hits Mike in the gut that his own Daddy is in heaven.

Poor Mike spent the morning on a full pew at church listening to three women beside him sniff and cry throughout an entire church service. Yesterday was Joanthan's last Sunday as our preacher at FUMC. Not only am I losing a fabulous pastor, friend, and boss, but I am losing his wife who is one of my best friends. I know they are moving just 36 miles away and they are going to do the Lords work, but my heart is broken. Several of our good friends that too love the Jonas' showed up yesterday in church. We squeezed into a pew together with several boxes of tissues and made it through. Jonathan somehow preached an amazing sermon on continuing on no matter who is in the pulpit because we are all working for God. It was awesome but oh so sad. We have had some hilarious fun together and some prayerfully sad times at UVA together. We all left church with little makeup left:)

As if emotions were not charged up already yesterday, this little love with a heart of gold turned five. Hope Madeline may you keep your sweet servant heart and use it for the Lord one day! You are a nurturer already with a competitive spirit and curious nature. We are so thankful that you are ours.

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