Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Wrapup

Ahhhh-this is my first summer Monday morning and I am enjoying the slower pace.  This weekend was full of baseball for Kyle and time at home for Hope and David. 

Our family is studying this verse from Galations that talks about what qualities Jesus wants us to exhibit.  On a normal day these goals are lofty, but when times are hard these are near to impossible. 
Friday night Hope and I went to the jonas' to babysit sweet Sage.  We had such fun with that red headed cutie!  All night I kept trying to teach her how to say "Cool Laura" but she never did master my name. 
Hope was the best baby sitter!  She took her role very seriously:)
Bedtime selfies!  Sage went to sleep beautifully for me but she really preferred to snooze in my arms versus her crib.  When the Jonas came home from their graduation, they found me in the recliner holding a sleeping baby and Hope sacked out on their sofa.  I got such a lump in my throat seeing the parsonage full of boxes that they have packed up for their move later in the month.  I trust in God's plan for their family and our church, but this one is hurting my heart. 
Saturday Kyle had a baseball tournament and it is simply too hot for David to be at a ballfield all day, so Mike and I take turns at the ballfield with Kyle.  I hate that we don't go as a family, but with David's kidney issues, it is too hot and he gets too easily dehydrated for a long day at the field.  While Mike and Kyle were playing ball, Amber and I took the kids to the pool!  David cracked us up with this alligator that AShley bought him for Christmas.  He loves playing swamp people, so she got this for him.
We even had a lil sidekick, Sydney, with us Saturday.  Her brothers had a ballgame too and we thought she would have more fun with us at the pool instead of the hot ballfield. 
Sunday morning for church time this is what David insisted to wear.  He wanted to wear the dress shoes without socks like his Pops wear.  It was hilarious and who am I to stifle David's fashion sense?!  :)  Thankfully I believe that Jesus cares more about the fact that you are at church than what you wear. 
Sunday afternoon was my turn at the ballfield and  I love one-on-one time with this guy.  It is hitting me how fast time is flying and I cherish our times together.  He is funny, naturaly curious which leads to a lot of questions, and he generally cares for our family and friends.  He is very worried about this Dad and the stress of his job right now, but luckily because of Jesus we say to cast all our anxiety on Him! 
This is the boys last week of school.  My to do list is very long this morning but summer is on the horizon!!

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