Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Day Fun and Sweet kelsey

The last day of school was sweet yet emotional.  I was in David's classroom helping out with a pizza party when Mr. Harrington the School Resource Officer came in and asked the children if they were ready for summer.  They were all working on their morning work and every head turned around and said "No!" What a testament to David's classroom teacher and all the professionals that work in that room!  When kids are sad it is the last day of school, then good things are going on in the classroom.  Ms. Umbarger started crying:)  What a precious moment. 

David and his two BFF's-Kelsey and Jocie!  What precious souls these girls have-Dave is one blessed dude. 
David and two of his beautiful teachers-Ms. Umbarger and Mrs. Dyess.  David has a crush on both of them and wanted to wear his muscle shirt on the last day of school to show off his guns.  Thank you ladies for loving David just as he is. 
Yesterday was Hope's last Tball game!  She has loved every moment of it. 
She takes it seriously and I love watching her run-she gives it her all. 
Her sweet little team.  Thank you Kelly for being the real coach and having a clue of what to do! 
After our last game we had cupcakes and juice boxes!  Each player got a little trophy and medal. 
David's teacher did this precious 5x7 picture of each child holding up a poster saying what they want to be when they grow up!  David said he wanted to be a professional ball player:) 
Each year on the last day of school we head to Hungry Mother to swim.  This year the weather was gorgeous and they had such fun swimming and playing together. 
Please say a healing prayer for David's friend Kelsey.  Several hours after being home from school on the last day she fell in her yard playing catch with her Dad.  She broke her radial head in her elbow and had to have surgery yesterday morning.  We went and visited her and took her some food.  She is beautiful inside and out and my heart breaks that this is how she is starting her summer vacation.  David was scared to get close to her because of her boo boo, but he and Hope have prayed for her. 
Welcome Summer of 2014-we thought you would never get here!

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