Friday, September 3, 2010


Has it really been four whole days since I last blogged? For me that is truly unbelieveable:) This week has been somewhat of a blur as the kids have been on a two hour early dismissal everyday due to the high temperatures around here. Sweet Hope has not felt all that great this week, so my long "to do" list does not have too many things crossed off of it. Oh well:)

Here are just some quick updates from the week:)

Mike and Kyle left on their down south boys road trip. They both LOVE going to Shreveport to see Mike's brother Daniel and their family. They have three boys and Kyle LOVES cousin time:) I am so thrilled that they get this precious guy bonding time every year.

So, that leaves me with David and Hope for this holiday weekend. We are also heading out in just a little bit for our own adventures in Pigeon Forge. We are going with my parents and we are taking my grandmother. (pray for us-ha!!) My grandmother has been pretty tied down with my grandfather's ailing health over the last few months so we hope the change of scenery and a little Smoky Mountain fun will be good for her soul:)

I took sweet girl for her first hair cut this morning, but the beautician really did not recommend that I trim anything now. Her hair on top is getting really long, but since we want it to grow long then she just recommended a hairbow to hold that long piece back until it all evens out.

We got to go out on a fun playdate after school this week with some friends to Hungry Mother to swim and it was heavenly. Not crowded but still super hot and we just sucked the life right out of that place! I am not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet.

I better go finish packing our bags for the trip. It should be interesting sharing a hotel room with my 81 year old grandmother! I will post tons of pictures and I am SURE that there will be lots of funny stories to report:)

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