Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Mom and two boys

Saturday was such a thrill for me! I got to take Kyle and one of his sweet friends, Caleb to the Virginia Tech game:) My Dad has tickets and we love to go to the games. Lately I have felt like our household has been divided with Mike and Kyle going to do sports stuff and me staying home with David and Hope. I love that scenario, but I have also been missing time with my biggest boy.

So, I got to leave the diaper bag and my two youngest at home and head to Blacksburg with my eldest and Caleb. The weather was beautiful and we had such fun. Thankfully the Hokies pulled out their first win of the season and we cheered our guts out.

I want my boys to remember the times that Mom took them to sports stuff too! Mike is such a great hands-on sports Dad that coaches most of their teams, but I enjoyed every minute of being the only girl with these two cool kids and my Dad.

I want my boys to look back and remember that Mom was not too "girly girl" to scream at football games and jump up and down with them during "Enter Sandman." I want my boys to know that I am trying so so so hard to fit into their sports world and I am learning.

This Momma wants to love what my boys love and yesterday we loved us some Hokie football!

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