Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend was our first swim meet of the season! Mike had to teach Friday night and Saturday morning, so I took Kyle by myself Saturday. He swam five events Saturday morning and five events Sunday morning. We were so thrilled that he got first place overall for his age group!! He has never done that before so it was super exciting. His friend, Bre got the girls 8 and under award!!

This picture cracks me up because here is Kyle's coach, Ms. Meg, giving him a pep talk before his first event. It looks like she is lecturing him but that is definitely not her personality! She is a super laid back coach and he adores her.
Butterfly baby:) It was really a special weekend because I took Hope and David to Radford Friday night. Kyle and I went to the high school football game and then came home early to rest up for the meet. My youngest two did great at my parents' house.

Here are Kyle and Bre after they figured out that they both won FIRST place for their age group!!

Hope did very well at the meet, but I got so tickled how unruly and wild her curls got in that humid pool area. Her curls got bigger and wilder as the day went on! Bless her heart, she is going to have hair just like me. Humidity does weird things to my hair too-that is why we can never live any further south than we do now! HA!

Our cute little winners with their trophies! It is exciting to win first place in one event, but to win the overall award is super exciting!! I was so encouraged as I watched our young and old LASO swimmers encourage each other and cheer for each other. The swimmers would have died from embarrassment if a parent would have knelt down by the side of the pool and yelled, but it is cool when your teammate does!
I really enjoy swimming because I think there are lots and lots of good lessons to come from it. You have to work hard to swim and I pray that Kyle will gain a strong work ethic from the sport. You work months and months in the pool practicing hard to shave tenths and hundredths of a second off of your record.
This weekend went by in a blur as we cheered on our LASO kids in our first swim meet of the season. Sometime over the weekend I turned the big 35! That milestone requires a separate post, but I will say that I am thankful for my life and all the lessons I have learned in those 35 years. :)

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