Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Stuff

I just had to share some random stuff from the last week or so. Sometimes that most precious moments happen when you least expect them!:)

David has fallen in love with the computer and I love that he pulled a chair up for Hope so that she too could watch Elmo!

And as you can see, she is pretty darn hapy that her brother included her in computer time!
As we are all still grieving for my Pawpaw my Mom ran across this amazing book by Beverly Lewis called What is Heaven Like? It is beautiful and accurately reinforces what the scriptures say about heaven. I think it has helped the boys understand a little better. I strongly recommend this book if you need to help a little one understand a little better about heaven.

I just have to tell this hilarious story about my newphew Clayton. Clayton is in kindergarten and has enough personality for three people. He is a deep thinker and he really misses Pawpaw. This past week my mother told me that he stretched out on the floor and drapped a flag over his body like Pawpaw. I find it amazing that he took in all those details from the last time he saw his Pawpaw's body in the casket. To some that may sound morbid, but I know that Pawpaw would have laughed his head off at his great-grandson:)

For my birthday my mother got me this book! Years ago I read Dr. Dobson's books on raising boys (I should probably pull out the strong-willed child again for David) but I was so thrilled to get his girly version. I am already on chapter 4 and it has really made an impact on me already. This book and my thoughts definitely deserve a post when I am finished with it. It thrills and scares me all at the same time to raise a girl.

Hope is obsessed with books and wants to sit down and read often. I used a curriculum for the boys called http://www.letteroftheweek.com and I loved it! The writer of that curriculum has since introduced a curriculum for 1-2 year olds and we started it this week. Instead of focusing on a letter of the week, you study a theme to increase vocabulary and give a little structure to our school time. This week we are studying cows! It includes books, poems, songs, and you introduce a color and shape each week.

I do believe that Hope is going to be a cute and funny mix between girly girl and tomboy:) In the picture above she is sporting her tiara that she had on for most of the morning, but then in the picture below she is playing with a monster truck in her smocked nightie! I love it!

I am off to have lunch with Kyle! On Tuesdays Hope and I go to storytime and then we pick a brother to go eat with.

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