Sunday, November 28, 2010

After this Thanksgiving weekend I just feel full. Full of yummy turkey and all the trimmings from my Mom's house, full of thanksgiving for the family and friends in our life, and full of family time. It has been a wonderful thanksgiving break and I really am excited now for christmas!

Thanksgiving day we went to my parents house with my two grandmothers, my brother and his family and my parents. It was a laidback fun day.
There was a little piano time for Hope and Dave.

David got some Memaw loving! As you can tell from this picture, my Memaw did not feel good at all, and actually spent some time in the ER last night for a bacteria infection. Her health is not great at all, but she was able to come eat some turkey with us.

My other grandmother, Mimi now lives with my parents in their new addition. She is doing well considering she lost my Pawpaw just three months ago. We all miss him so much and my heart was heavy during the thanksgiving meal because I remembered how much he loved to eat my Mom's cooking. But, we miss him but we know that he is no longer laboring to breath and he is with Jesus. That gives us all comfort.

Hope and my Dad. She wore her cute little ribbon shirt and turkey hairbow from Wendy's Personal Creations!

She is such a big girl these days. She was super shy around family all day. It takes her a while to warm up to new people and situations.

Clayton wanted a picture with baby Hope, so this is the best I could do taking a picture with four of the grandchildren! Thank goodness it was really warm that day and the boys could play outside while dinner was cooking.

We are trying to get Hope to start sleeping in her own crib some and weaning her out of our bed. Mike and I both enjoy her in our bed, but she is getting longer now and she sleeps sideways:) It is time to start her in her own bed. It is a little sad that this is our last baby to have in our bed. I know people think we are nuts that we allow our babies in our bed for the first year or two, but it works for us and I will never ever regret one minute of the snuggles we have gotten with our babes-precious, priceless memories. Also, as you can see the weaning from the binkie did not go so hot!!

Here is my Dad frying some fish to have for thanksgiving. He and my brother caught it just the day before and they were excited to have fresh fish on the table. I was cool with it unless I had to smell or taste it:)
This break we also went to two very very cold football games. Friday night one of our high school teams played Radford high for a regional game. It was super weird to be at my alma mater as a visitor, but Kyle and his friend, Caleb sat in the press box with my Dad to watch the bitter cold game.
Saturday we went to the Virginia Tech-UVA game in Blacksburg. It was really cold, but that is what Kyle wanted to do for his birthday this year. He took his sweet friend, Caleb and they had a sleepover and we went to the game and then ate at Cici's pizza! He wanted to do that this year instead of a big friend party. My baby is growing up.
Here are Kyle and Caleb having an in-the-car tailgate before the game. It was way too cold to stand outside and eat our chicken!

Sweet David and Pops at our in-the-car tailgate! Tech won big and the game was super fun. We were bundled up to stay warm but it was really a fun day.

Here is Mike (in his UVA gear) putting toasty toes warmers in his socks before the game. We really did not give Mike a hard time at all that our Hokies crushed his Wahoos! :)
So tomorrow is back to the real world. I am just as sad as the kids when they have to go back to school after breaks. Three more weeks and then we are off for Christmas!!

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  1. only a uva fan would put toe warmers in their socks for a game....typical softie uva fan. - Chad