Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Fun

I must warn my sweet blog readers that I have the christmas spirit and I am not afraid to show it. I was determined this year to get the "must do" stuff off of my list like Christmas cards and calendars so I can just take a deep breath and enjoy what the kids want to do this holiday.

I have spent the last day or so baking. I do not love to bake-I love to cook. There is a huge difference in my head. Give me a big pyrex dish and I can fill it up with some yummy lasagna, casserole, or any comfort dish to feed my family. They consider me a good cook and they enjoy my nightly meals. Baking is just not for me and I am okay with that:) I have however baked my heart out to send to a sweet college girl from church for her exam survival basket. My church circle is making this girl, whom we adore, this basket of goodies that we are mailing tomorrow to help her make it through her tough exam week. She may read my blog so I better stop talking about it!

Today Ashley and I took the kids to a pottery place about 30 minutes away which allows the kids to paint their own pottery piece which they will fire (I think that is the right term) and we will pick it up in a week or so. We made a certain person a special gift that we are super excited about!! He reads my blog so I better stop talking about it, but just know we LOVE this place and the kids had a ball making a gift.

The pottery place has a play area for the kids in the shape of a pirate ship. Kyle watched David and Hope while we finished the project. This place is awesome and the staff was so friendly.
Here is David doing his part of our special art project. I would love to post a finish picture of what we did but it would ruin the surprise!

Thank goodness for Ashley! I made her do all the work because I was scared of messing up! I was so amazed that this place does not have a "you break it , you pay for it policy!" Very reassuring with my bunch:)

Here is the play area-isn't it gorgeous? This place just oozed creativity and funkiness and I loved it. I really want to take some mommy friends back and have a girls night there!

My sweet Hope is mesmerized with the tree. I would like to report that we have kept her out of the trees and she obeys when we tell her no. But, I have decided to not fight that battle and we have put only unbreakable ornaments on her level. If she wants to redecorate it then fine with me! I do not want to spend the next month popping her hand!

Since she is fascinated by the tree, I gave her a string of lights and let her just play last night and we had such fun. The boys were already asleep and just us girls stayed up and sang christmas songs and played with these lights under our tree. It is my first unforgettable memory of this Christmas:)

She just cannot stay away from our beautiful, crooked, lights strung unevenly tree. Have I mentioned how proud Kyle is that he put it up himself??

My girl reading David's hokie book under the tree. It does not get much more precious than this. I can guarantee that I did not pose her like this because she is stubborn and would not do it if I wanted her to!

So, this Christmas is all about just being in the moment. For now all three of my kids still believe, so I am holding onto that for dear life. I will take the next month of my life and follow my childrens' direction and follow them in their Christmas adventures and fun. I will not allow my desire for some Norman Rockwell moment to get in the way of joy and fun. God has blessed me with these little people and we will focus on the real reason for the season-celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

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