Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Beginning

To look

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Christmas around here!

This past Sunday our town had the Christmas parade. The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed getting into the christmas spirit. Hope enjoyed her first lollipop!

David was so cute and spotted Santa on the back of the fire truck before any of us did and he started jumping up and down for Santa.

We were feeling so merry and festive that we came home and started digging out the Christmas decorations. My kids adore this snow globe that plays Christmas carols and these two were mesmerized.

The true Christmas miracle thus far is that Kyle put up the entire tree by himself! I could not believe how excited he was to put this thing up. I thought he only wanted to decorate it, but no, he wanted to actually do it all! I love having helper bees in the house!

Here is the finished product. It is definitely not how I would have done it and it is indeed a little (well actually a lot) crooked, but that is fine with me. When I look at it, I see my Kyle who worked for hours to get this tree just like this. If he thinks it is perfect, then indeed it is:)
The saddest story of all is that this morning David woke up and was so excited to see the tree again. When he came into the living room he stopped and just sat down and started to cry. He then said "tree up, Santa?" He was so broken-hearted when he realized that just because the tree is up does not mean that it is time for dear old Santa. I guess it is time to dig out the advent calendar and count down the days until he arrives!

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