Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yesterday the kids and I went to a local restaurant to celebrate Ashley's birthday! We had a ball eating with her friends and family:)

Ashley has been with us for a year and a half and we are sooooo thankful for all that she does for our family. She is with us pretty much every day after school for a few hours toting Dave around to therapy appointments and helping with homework, helping me stay sane and get everybody where they are suppose to be!
She has a great personality that works well with David-she is firm yet silly with him, motherly but way cooler than me, and she is so invested in David. All my kiddos love her to pieces. Hope even says her name with the most southern drawl ever-"Ash!"

David is also quite taken with Ashley's father, Bradley. He prays for him nightly and Bradley is just a good guy.

Ashley's friend, Wendi brought her little girl and she and Hope were sharing the mashed potatoes by digging in them with their fingers! HA!

David is always the comedian and here he is trying to fit in Hope's high chair!
It was such a fun night to celebrate with Ashley and her family. We are so thankful that God brought her to us:) When I went into labor she was the first person we called until my parents could get here. We totally trust her with our babes knowing that she is as protective as I am-which is saying something:) Happy birthday sweet Ashley and next year we will get you up on stage to sing at your party! :)

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