Friday, November 19, 2010


I am so thankful that it is Friday. This week has been pretty brutal. Mike went out of town for two days which leaves me flying solo with three kids. I have been involved at Kyle's school a lot this week vounteering and helping with their Winterfest last night. I love being involved in the kids' schools, but it is exhausting.

Earlier this week I took Hope to the doctor because I felt that she was sick. She had run a fever for two days and just was not feeling well. Sure enough, she is not sick, but is cutting three molars at once. That explains the sleepless nights and fussiness, but she has definitely been high maintenance! On a good note, her little mouth has hurt so bad that she has not wanted her binkie, so we are on day #6 without a binkie!! We just have to stay strong and not cave for the next few days and we can consider her weaned! I am so thrilled but on the other hand, that is a big girl step that makes me sad my baby is growing up.

I am so excited about Christmas and I have been a little shopping elf online this week!! Our christmas cards are pretty much ready to be mailed and I am ready to start decorating the house. There is nothing like Christmas with young kids in the house!!

We are off this weekend to Kyle's AAU basketball tournament about an hour away. Thankfully it is just a Saturday thing, but they have practiced so hard and they are all anxious to play-including Coach Mike! Ha! Coaching is his joy and he gets as excited as the kids do:)

On a fun note, David is super excited that he has been cast as an angel in the church Christmas pageant! I am excited (but a wee bit nervous) for him, but I know he will do great. We have joked all week that he is going to be a precious angel with a crooked halo! Music and performing are things that David really enjoys and I am so thankful that he has those opportunities through church.

I am off to a local Christmas market! Have a great weekend and I will post basketball pictures this weekend:)

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