Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

I have truly been pondering my long list of what I am thankful for this year and I just got overwhelmed. In my extended family this has not been a great year. My Dad had some super scary health issues, my Pawpaw fought a good fight against COPD and is now resting with Jesus, and overall life is sometimes just difficult.

But as I ponder my Thanksgiving list it almost seems longer because it has been a tough year. When you go through difficult times is when you realize how faithful our Savior is, how important those friendships truly are, and how family is your rock.

I am so thankful for my marriage. When I would come home from the hospital from being with Pawpaw, it was Mike that would love on me and give me some perspective. Watching my Mike tenderly carry my Pawpaw's casket when he was a pall bearer swelled my heart with love for him. He loved him as much as I did. We will celebrate eleven years of marriage this weekend and I just love him so. Our marriage is not perfect but he is perfect for me.

I am so thankful for my three babes. I am home with them this morning and I love listening to their little voices and watching them interact. Being a Mommy is such a blessing and I am so thankful that God chose me to parent these three. Right after we got married I was told that getting pregnant could be a challenge for us and three children later I am so thankful that God was bigger than any little medical issue:)

I am so thankful for Mike's job. It is super stressful at times for him and we sometimes feel a little bit like fish in a fish bowl, but his work is important to him and it brings him joy. His work directly impacts our children and lots of others and I am proud of him for how well our system is doing right now considering the budget constraints. His job also allows me to stay home with the kids which is really important to me.

I am thankful for church and all the friends I have there. I am thankful for my childrens' teachers and all the love they show my kids every day. I am thankful for Facebook and blogs which help me stay connected to people that really mean a lot to me. I am thankful that my children have cousins that they adore and all our extended family.

There are so many silly things I am thankful for like my makeup and Diet Dr. Pepper, but what matters more than anything is that I am thankful for a Savior that promises unconditional love and salvation. He has given way more than I ever deserve and today I am thankful that my Redeemer lives. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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