Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have been a wee bit negligent on my blog this week! We have been babysitting our little visitors again this week due to Benji's surgery. Zac and Essie have been with us for two days this week. Here are Zac and Hope cooking in her kitchen!

Tonight, however, Hope and I went out for a little girl time to her Mommy and Me gymnastics class! At first she cried and said her famous line"hold you" but then after the warmup she LOVED it!! I know she will enjoy the climbing, swinging, jumping, but I really want her to gain confidence and independence from this.
Here she is jumping off of the tumble track solo!! At first she wanted me to help her with everything, but just during the first class she gained so much confidence!! At one point the teacher had to pick her up and swing her on a rope. At first she cried but then by the third time she was laughing! She is so timid and shy around strangers-very unlike her big brothers!

Here is my big girl climbing up on the tumble track!

I am ready to go Mom! She was so excited to put on her little pink leotard and and little pants.

Before we left she was DETERMINED to skate in her leotard?? She threw a fit until I helped her get up on them. We have been to many skating birthday parties recently which has piqued her curiosity in her Tinker Bell skates:) I love her cute little legs in those skates!

This picture alone is priceless to me because she looks so happy and she is letting her teacher help her! I am thrilled that she loves this so much and from now on Wednesday evenings are going to be our girl time-I just pray that the mommies never have to wear a leotard! Ha!

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