Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feelin' the Love

There are days that you feel the world is a wee bit stacked against you and you definitely do not feel the love. Today as I sat in the parking lot of our post office going through a weeks worth of mail because we have not made it down there to get it, I felt the love. I felt the love so much I wept on my steering wheel.

Today in the mail came a sweet looking packaged addressd to David from a dear friend of ours from Orange County. Susie Swope worked with Mike and was a dear friend of ours during our years there. She cohosted a baby shower for me when I was expecting Kyle and even cohosted a bridal shower when we got married. She is a dear lady with a heart the size of Texas.

Inside this mysterious package was a Jason Aldean tshirt that her son Holdan had bought for David when he went to the concert!!!!!David was at speech when I got it, and when he came in and saw it he ripped off his Hokie football jersey and put it on immediately. I grabbed the camera and he grabbed his guitar!!:) He is already planning to wear it to school tomorrow and he will probably want to sleep in it tonight:)

Kyle was so embarrassed that I got choked up and said "Mom why are you wailing?" I just couldn't put into words then and still can't now how much it meant to me that she thought of my David four hours away. If we do not live another day on this Earth I can testify that God has put some amazing people in our life and I count Susie as one of them.

So, Ms. Susie listen to David's little message above! (pause the blog music on the right so you can hear his sweet little voice! Thank you dear dear Susie and next time we are near Orange County you will be getting a big hug and kiss from Jason Aldean's biggest fan!

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