Friday, March 18, 2011

Hope's Busy Week

This has been such a fun but super busy week as I have started back teaching three days a week. I am loving being back in the classroom and despite my concerns about Hope, she is LOVING it also! She is doing great and I am so proud of her.

It seems that so much of her time is spent cheering on the boys in their activities but Tuesday nights are our music nights and then Wednesday nights are gymnastics nights. She loves both music and gymnastics and this week she was the only one at gymnastics so I got to take lots of pictures!!

I cut her head off in this one, but she loves the mini trampolines and they are usually apart of the obstacle course.
Here she is "swimming" through the water!

I hate that this picture is crooked but here is my monkey swinging on the bar! What is even more amazing is that she is letting Ms. Karen help her! I so hope that this class is helping her overcome her shyness:)
Here she is once again letting Ms. Karen help her with her back flip and with her handstand. I am not sure why these pictures rotate when I upload them, but I love her little expressions in these pictures-she loves gymnastics!!

I also think being at preschool is helping her overcome her shyness. Today I looked up and she was happily playing "Ring around the rosie" with two little girls. I am so proud of how well she is doing at school-I was so worried that she would be clingy but that as of now is not the case.

Coloring with the big kids!! I love to see her sit at the table with the kids and do what they are doing.
Her favorite thing at school is the computer because she can get on whenever we are not doing a structured activity! She melts my heart.

This weekend Kyle is heading to Radford to go to the Virginia Tech basketball game with my Dad and have a sleepover. We will stay here because Mr. David has a busy busy schedule with Tball, soccer, and a skating party. He will get our undivided attention this weekend here at home.

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