Thursday, March 24, 2011

This week

My sweet silly children keep me entertained. This week Mr. David decided to wear a shirt and tie to school to match Daddy:)

He was so proud of how handsome he looked all day at school:)
On Tuesday I went to my grandmother's lake house to help her put her house back together. She is now living with my parents but wants to return to her lake house for the summer. Over the winter she had her walls painted and hardwood floors put down. It looks so good now and I know that Pawpaw would have liked it too:)

My sweet Hope has fallen in love with princesses. She watches princess movies and reads princess books all the time. Next weekend she has been invited to a princess birthday party where the little girls come dressed in princess gowns and they will get hair and makeup done at the party! I think it is going to be so cute and we spent today looking for a princess gown that fits. I found this hand-me-down from Caroline that fits her perfectly! She has been Snow White all day now.

Blowing kisses!

This picture sums up her current passions-princesses and books. She is all the time dragging books towards me to read. How can I resist a princess?

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