Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hornet Hoops

Yesterday we traveled to Elizabethton TN for our last AAU tournament of the season. It has been such a fun season of cheering on our Hornet hoops players and the boys have improved so much. Yesterday we got a few family pictures sporting our black and yellow:)

My three hearts. It was a long day of basketball starting at 10:30 amd we didn't leave until after 7 p.m. My two youngest were so good and actually seemed to have fun playing with the other siblings.
This is not the best picture, but here are the three boys in our family. David is really into having pictures of "just the boys" and then "just the girls" these days:)

Then it was Mommy's turn for a photo op. Kyle was shooting hoops in the driveway and couldn't be bothered for a picture, but David and Hope were happy to cheese with Mommy.

Hope turned away in this one before I could take a real picture, but here are Hope and Macy in their matching outfits. On our team we have four families that have two big brothers and then a little sister. All the little sisters have this matching outfit from Walmart:) They look so cute decked out in them. Next year we are adding pom poms!

Here are David and Zach. Zach is always so sweet to David and even brought him a gatorade from the team. He is not only a great athlete, but a sweet kid.

David and Macy. Yesterday we were soooo blessed that all four courts at this sports complex were not being used, so the siblings could go over there and play on the empty court. Who knows what these two got into?!
Our team made it to the championship game!!!! We were so excited that they made it to the finals and here are Caleb, Kyle, Spencer, and Ian eating a pregame popsicle!

David is such an independent stinker these days. He makes us belly laugh several times a day lately but he definitely wants to be independent. The concession stand beckoned him all day and he INSISTED to order and pay for his stuff all by himself. The lady working the counter was so nice and encouraging to him. I don't want to know how much I spent at the place yesterday between the arcade games and concession stand:)

Big Kyle shouting a foul shot!

Here is Kyle modeling his runner-up medal after the championship game. We played a talented team in the finals and they came out on top. We all left there last night excited about spring sports coming up, but I will miss spending time with this group of kids and families. When you spend so many hours together in a gym they kind of become an extended family to you. I love this group of boys and I cannot wait until next year for another year of Hornet hoops.

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