Monday, March 21, 2011

Soccer Dude

If your budget is tight and you need some cheap entertainment come on out to the soccer field to watch David's soccer team play! They are so cute and he loves being out there.

Posing in the yard with his soccer ball before the game:) I love his little expression. I also love that his shin guard socks are so big on him that they look like thigh highs! Ashley and I got such a laugh as we were getting him all geared up.
More pregame pictures!

Mike is the assistant coach on David's team so here is a Daddy/Son shot before the game in their matching blue:)

Concentrating so hard on that ball! We were so proud of him at his game. Last year he kind of just ran around the mass of children going for the ball but this year he got in the mix!!

Mix it up David-get that ball!

This picture melts my heart. Mike is helping the goalie watch out for the ball and David is his assistant! I love both of their expressions:) It thrills my heart when David gets to participate in rec league sports. I know that as the competition gets tougher sports like this may not always be an option for him, but for now I LOVE watching my boy mixing it up on the soccer field with his friends. I love that David's life for now is totally inclusive and that he has every opportunity to participate with his friends from school in extracurricular activites. Go David go!!!

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