Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Pics because they grow so fast.....

This past weekend I took lots of pictures of the kiddos because time is marching by so fast that I do not want to wait until the perfect moment to pull out the camera. So these are some random shots of my children in action.

My big big girl! How is it that we are nearing the big two? How is it that her hair has gotten so long and curly? How is it that we have long conversations now because she is so verbal? I love my time with her and despite the toddler temper tantrums she is so much fun.
She goes so hard and then she crashes at nap time. I love her sweet little angelic face.

What I love about these days is that Hope and Dave are my playmates. They do almost everything together and I love watching them interact. They definitely fight and fuss, but they have so much fun together. David is Hope's very favorite person in the world. I pray they are always this close. Here they are waiting for Buzz and Woody to come on.

Here they are enjoying some yogurt together (they totally should not be eating in the sunroom but I chose to let them stay so I could get this adorable picture!)

Dave does not even mind playing babies with her!

Hope loves her babies these days!

This past weekend was David's first soccer practice! I thought he looked so cute decked out in his under armor cold gear, tights, and cleats. He had a blast at practice!

My sweet girl. She will let me put her hairback like that with a bow. I am not pushing a hairbow on her but I definitely want her hair out of her eyes. Curly hair can look unruly very fast so thank goodness for detangler!! We spritz it every morning to make it not look frizzy and fuzzy.

Not sure why this picture is sideways, but here is where Kyle spends the majority of his sunny days-out shooting hoops in the driveway. He would be out there for HOURS if we would let him.

Hope in her sweet princess dress. She is definitely falling in love with princess stuff and any dress that looks sparkly or fancy she calls it her "pinciss" dress! Also check out her glamorous necklace she made in sunday school:)

I could write a book about this picture. It warms my heart that Dave is so invested in Hope and that he loves to teach her stuff. It seems that before Hope came along we were all on the teaching side and Dave was always the learner. Now it is wonderful that he has a little sister to teach.

Hopie girl!

Sunday Hope and David were invited to a St. Patrick's Day party at the skating rink. I thought they looked so cute decked out in their green! Hope does not look thrilled in these pictures because we were having a standoff over her tights. Mike finally had to intervene and put them on for her! She is refusing a hairbow these days, so I am pulling it all back in a ponytail or pulling her bangs off of her face with an elastic band.

This is the picture that tells me that I no longer have a baby. I cannot believe how "big girl" Hope looks to me these days. Her hair has gotten so long and curly lately which I think has matured her look. She is soooo verbal and doing so well with the potty that I feel like I have a preschooler instead of even a toddler. I love her at this stage but there is a part of me that will always have baby fever:)

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