Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend has been so much fun so far. We have had beautiful weather and the kids have enjoyed being outside. Kyle left this morning to go to Radford fora sleepover with my parents. So Mike and I enjoyed our little ones and Mr. Dave had a super busy day.
The day started with Tball practice! Dave can hit the ball really well but we now need to teach him to stop celebrating his hit and RUN! He also had soccer practice this afternoon. Mike is the assistant coach for both of Dave's spring sports teams.
Dave was all willing and excited to take Hope on a wagon ride until we realized that his plan was to let her go down the hill by herself with a push from him!

We spent a good part of the afternoon finally cleaning out our garage. Wow-that place was sooo messy and needed a clean out. I found Kyle's big wheel from his third birthday and as you can tell it has been well-loved. The plastic wheel is busted and I put it out in the trash pile and Mike told me that he was not ready to part with it yet! I laughed because usually I am the sentimental sap but for once it was him:)

I even got the moon bounce out for the kids to enjoy on this pretty day. They loved it and Hope is finally old enough to be able to enjoy playing in there with Dave. He used to make her nervous!

After our baths Hope and I did our toenails! I love when we have matching toe nails:) I love hearing her show off her "pitty toes!"
Here are some pictures of Hope because she was in a sweet smiley mood and I took full advantage of it. Lately she has not been cooperative with the camera so when she wanted to ham it up I kept clicking!!!
This picture proves that she is such a big girl these days. I no longer have a baby and that makes me sad except for the fact that she is sooooo funny. I cannot believe how long her hair has gotten lately.

Modeling her new springy outfit and insisting to put her skates on before the party! This afternoon we were invited to a Special Games Skating Party and it was so much fun. There were some of our older and younger friends there and it was wonderful.

We have now entered princess-mania!! We just booked a trip to Disney for September and she is princess crazy and especially loves Cinderella! She wanted to read her princess book on the way to the skating party.
Hope like to skate and we were so blessed that Jason and Ash came to the party. Dave adores both of them and he did more socializing and picture taking than skating!

Kilby and Angie!

Dave and Angie. This party was so much fun and it made me realize what friendship is all about. Times like this make me so happy that God blessed us with David because without him we would miss opportunities like today. I sat with Angie's mother (Angie is my age and has DS like Dave). Angie has a strong-will just like Dave and her mother and I laughed so hard over stories about our designer-chromosomed babies and their strong-wills!! I am so thankful that I have friends, role models, and cheerleaders traveling the road of "special needs parenting" with me.

Here is a picture of Jason with his camera that I would give my right arm for. He is an awesome photographer and Dave loves him. This is a picture that Dave took of Jason and I thought it turned out pretty darn good. Dave took tons of Ashley today but she had on a Jason Aldean shirt and he kept focusing on the shirt instead of her face!

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