Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tball Dave

Today was a beautiful Saturday to be at the ballpark. Both boys had games today so we enjoyed the sunshine and cheered on our teams.

Hope enjoyed Bre's blanket and her jelly beans. I love her Little League shirt and she calls it her "ooniform"

Sweet Hope supporting her brothers. There are lots of little girls at the ball park for her to play with.

Tball Dave!! He does really great hitting the ball! We are so proud of him.

Running to first-Go Dave!!

"Look Mom I am almost to first base!!"

This picture makes me smile because he looks like a professional ball player:)

I love his expressiono in this picture. He loves Tball and his doing really well.

Yay-Dave made it to 2nd base!!!! We are so proud of Dave and love cheering him on in his endeavors.

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