Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Time!!

Labor Day weekend around here means that College football season has arrived finally! The boys were so excited to head to Blacksburg for VT's season opener.
Kyle even dug out te Hokie hat to wear! We all went to my parents house and picked up my Dad, and cousin Matt and his son Brandon for the game. We left Hope with GG due to the heat and we all piled in our SUV for some tailgating and football.

Here are Kyle, David, Brandon and little Emily all dressed up and ready to cheer on the Hokies. My Hope was having nothing to do with her Hokie cheerleader outfit and instead wore her latest Cinderella shirt. My girl is creating some outfit drama already in our household!

Kyle tailgating beside the stadium. We ran into so many people we know and my Uncle Gary from Virginia Beach walked right beside our tailgate-small world!

I love this picture of Mike and Kyle walking into the stadium. Kyle is getting to the age where he does not like to hold hands, so it is rare when he will snuggle up next to you.

The Color Guard during the National Anthem. I always have goosebumps during the national anthem anywhere. Then of course it is super fun to jump up and down with 66,000 of your closest Hokie friends when they play Enter Sandman.

My David loves belting out the National Anthem! There is truly no one in the stadium that loves VT football more than Dave. He cheers every cheer, sings every song, and loves to jump up and down during Enter Sandman. It was super hot and we left a little early due to the heat. David was furious when Mike picked him up to leave.

After a hot and sticky day at Tech, we stopped by a farm party on the way home. Our friends own this awesome farm and they host a wonderful farm party every Labor day. Right after we got to the party there was a HUGE and scary storm and the party moved into their huge barn. It almost seemed like we needed an ark after it rained so hard for over two hours.

The kids did not seem to mind because inside the barn they had huge hay lofts and slides for the kids to play on. Here in Kyle on top of one of the lofts. They had tons of food and tables set up. The adults just sat around and talked while the kids played hard on the hay. It was really a fun time, but we were all filthy when we left. I had to wash our shoes, clothes, and we all needed baths before bed.

Hope and Mike right before the storm came.

Sweet Caroline and David cheesing for the camera. David was never brave enough to wander through the hay lofts, but Kyle and Hope both loved it. They were both filthy and worn out when we left. It was really a fun gathering where we got to hang out with lots of people that we do not get to see often enough. We stayed longer than we planned to because the weather was so bad that we did not want to leave that comfy and dry barn and drive home in a terrible storm.

The rest of Labor Day weekend will be spent catching up and relaxing around the house. I want to try to get some meals cooked and put in the freezer for this week since my preschool classes start Tuesday! I have worked and planned so hard and it is now showtime! I am so excited about all my students and families and I know it is going to be a wonderful year.

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