Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Friends and New Friends

This week we have celebrated the old and new friends in our life. David has an amazing and wonderful helper named Ashley. She has been with us for over two years and we truly count her as one of the biggest blessings in our life. She is wonderful with him and he has blossomed so much from her influence. Ashley has a friend named Jason that is now David's favorite person besides Pops.

Jason is a super talented photographer and has taken some amazing pics of my children, so this week on his birthday David made him a picture/handprint craft to hang up at work or home. We even hand delivered it to his office! Here is David presenting the gift!

Here are David and Jason with the gift. It touches me so much that Ashley and now Jason are involved in David's life. They are his cheerleaders and friends and I am so thankful for this new friend in David's life.

This week we also got to celebrate an older friendship that has survived a move and distance. About nine years ago I met a new friend named SAbrina at the Orange County Street Festival. After we talked some we realized that we have little boys only a month apart. We started getting together often with our boys for playdates and outings. This week they came to Hungry Mother to stay at the lodge and we got the boys together!

Here are Kyle (who is sweaty from basketball practice) and Brett. These two boys have been friends since they were a year old and now at nine they are still like two little sports peas in a pod. Brett came over to our house for a sleepover and playtime and then the next day Kyle got to go to their lodge and swim and play with them. They even got to go see the Smurfs at the drive-in.

I took the boys to the batting cages and to play putt-putt. They are still as competitive as ever but they have so much fun together. There are just some friends that you know that time or distance will never change and I am so thankful that Kyle will always have this special friend in Orange County.

At our house they played Twister with Mike-ha!

These two boys may be athletic but they are not super flexible! :) I enjoyed watching them get twisted up!

We had pancakes for breakfast and it was cool to realize that Brett eats as much as Kyle does!

They even played golf on "our hole" on the golf course and they made $6 each selling golf balls and lemonade to the golfers. I cannot even describe how neat it was to see these two boys together. I am thankful for old friends! Speaking of old.....

I pulled out Kyle's scrapbook and found this picture of the boys when they were a little over one year old at Maymont in Richmond. This picture reminds me that time is going by so fast and treasure times with the new friends in your life as well as the old. This week we have certainly been blessed around here.

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