Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disney Day 1!

Day one at Disney has been nothing short of magical. It is certainly hot here in Florida, but wow it is certainly awesome and magical. We drove the whole way down yesterday and arrived a little before midnight on Monday. Not bad considering we didn't leave Virginia until 1:00 in the afternoon and we were traveling with THREE kids!

This morning we headed to check in our resort. The rooms were not ready, so we stored out bags and headed to Animal Kingdom. We stopped to watch these performers in Africa in Animal Kingdom and GG was chosen to dance with them! HA!

She did well and we had fun cheering her on!
The next thing we did at Animal Kingdom was the safari. This is a must do at Animal Kingdom. You ride this safari jeep and it is so cool to get close up to these amazing animals!

The giraffes really were my favorite. The Kilamanjaro safari at Animal kingdom is really spectacular and educational. You really feel like you are in Africa.

While at Animal Kingdom we went to the Festival of the Lion King show. Wow-what a complete treat! My kids just saw the movie at church a few weeks ago, so they really enjoyed it. I loved it and I teared up when many kids were chosen from the crowd to parade around during the song Circle of Life. This teenager with CP in a wheelchair was chosen and he was SO HAPPY and it just tendered my heart. I love that song and I love that movie!

Top-notch performance-I hope to get to see it again:)

My little princess meeting Pocahontas!!!

The beautiful tree of life!:)

We visited Epcot late night and here are my boys in front of the beautiful ball! We got to do O Canada tonight and see the Illumination show. Wow-what a great show.

Tomorrow I am thrilled because we are heading to Hollywood Studios!!!!! I am taking my princess to see the Beauty and the Beast show and the Little Mermaid. David is hopefully going to get to do Toy Story Mania and meet Buzz and Woody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyle is ready for the Aerosmith rollercoaster. We are having such fun despite the heat (wow) and we are loving this magical place!

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