Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am usually not a blogging slacker, but last week I just did not feel the greatest and I was busting my chops to get ready for Disney. So here is a little Robinson family check in:

Since I last blogged, David had his tube surgery and really did great. Mike took him for the surgery and said that he did fine. We are so thankful it is behind us and praying that this will improve his hearing.

My Kyle is breaking my heart these days because once again he has had a huge growth spurt. He is basically in a small mens shirt now and size seven shoes. It breaks my heart except for the fact that he is at such a cool age and he is such a great big brother to his siblings. He is having a great fourth grade year with a great fourth grade teacher and we are all so thankful.

I love this picture of my princess that Ashley took at a recent birthday party. This one LOVES preschool and is obsessed with "writing" right now. She will totally entertain herself for a long time with a pad of paper and a pencil or a dry erase board and pen. She can now write her "H" and her "o" in her name! She is loving her new preschool friends and I feel so incredibly blessed to have a job that I ADORE where my daughter is welcome, learning, and making friends. I am one blessed woman and I know it.

I love our mornings together at preschool and then I also love our quiet afternoons where we snuggle with books and often nap until big brothers come home from school. I know in years down the road I will look back on these preschool years with Hope as precious. I love my job and I love that my daughter loves it too. No amount of money can compare to quality time with your children and snuggling with my girl is one of my favorite afternoon activities.

This one is also growing so tall and has a healthy appetite to prove it! We really do not make her eat topless unless we are eating spaghetti and she has on a white top! HA!

David enjoyed Macy's fourth birthday at a local church. That boy loves a good bounce in a bounce house!

Around here Fall also means VT football!! Because I spend so much time with my princess during the week I enjoy my Saturdays with my boys at VT games. Mike and Hope usually stay home and I enjoy a day of football with my guys and Pops. I love this picture of my boys with Pops:)

There is truly no bigger Hokie fan this this guy!

Yesterday Kyle was able to take two friends since last minute we had some extra tickets. Kyle's friends Luke and Caleb play AAU ball with him and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with these three awesome kids. We had such fun and I am so thankful to have opportunities to bond with my big boys and their friends. I spend so much of my time with girls and preschoolers that it is a nice change to go cheer for my Hokies with the boys. As a Mom to growing boys I have to work really hard to carve out time for our bonding. Mike is so involved in their life because he coaches almost everything they do, and VT games give me my "thing" to do with the boys.

During the national anthem there was a flyover and those are always so impressive! This one was super low and loud and my big boys loved it:)

My Mom bought Hope Madeline the cutest smocked dress ever. You really cannot tell much about it in this picture because she was riding her princess car in her princess dress. There is a princess, castle, and carriage smocked in this cute pink gingham dress. I love it so much and this was one morning that she was excited to get ready for church! We are already having wardrobe battles on Sunday mornings getting ready for church.

I cannot believe that after months of planning our Disney trip is on us!! We are leaving this week for six days of Disney fun and family time. It has been six years since we last went and this Momma is ready for some quality family time surrounded by princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Buzz and Woody.

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  1. I hope your family trip is a safe, wonderful one. We will miss you, but can't wait to hear all of your stories and see lots of pictures! Have a wonderful trip Robinson Family!! The Blevins Family