Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farewell Disney

Saturday was sadly our last full day at Disney. We allowed the children to go back and visit their favorites one more time. We were so blessed that the lines were super short so we got to do almost everything we wanted to do.

David and Hope chose to see Beauty and the Beast again, Disney Jr. Live on Stage, and the Little Mermaid. We also HAD to take David to see The Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom because it was so awesome.

The Disney Jr. Live on Stage was so cute and such a cool break from the heat.

David was SO EXCITED when Little Einsteins came out! He just had to jump up and dance!

I love his enthusiasm!!!

Saturday we caught the boat to head to Broadway to watch the Hokie game at the ESPN zone. It was really hot so we thought it would be fun to use our last sit down dining to eat in the cool to watch the game. The kids were excited to ride that boat!

Hope outside after the Hokies WON!!

Here is where we went to catch up on some college football and cool off. Saturday was super hot!

At Broadway, there was this cool dude doing magic and Kyle was chosen to be in his show:)

Kyle had to pick a random guy from the crowd so he picked his Daddy. (I love this picture of Mike!)

Mike loving being in the magic show too!

What is hidden in that sleeve? Amazingly he pulled out a hankie from Mike's sleeve! Even Mike has no idea how he did it:)

At our resort it was based on the different decades of pop culture and we stayed in the 60's. Across from us was the 70's and Kyle thought that building was so cool that he wanted to take a picture!

Disney was such a blast but it definitely wore us all out! Monday after preschool Hope Madeline wanted to watch her princess movie. This is how I found her a few minutes after the movie started:)

Overall our vacation was magical and wonderful and I am so thankful for all the memories that we made on our trip. As our kids get older, we realize how precious time together is. The kids are so busy that time is truly the most precious commodity. I was talking with Pam, my sister-in-law in Shreveport about how and when to get together next. We want to get together with family and visit, but between the kids' schedules, Mike's work schedule and now my preschool schedule life is too crazy. I am so thankful that we carved out this special family time to go visit the happiest place on Earth:)

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