Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My girl and I have certainly rocked our new preschool routine this week. Hope technically goes along with me as a tag-a-long, but rest assured this spirited one acts every bit as big as my three and four year olds. She has loved her first two days with her new "fwiends"

It took her about twenty minutes to take her backpack off the first morning because she was so proud of it! It is sparkly and pink with lots of princesses on it and she loves it.

Here she is coloring at the art center with the big girls.

Snack time with her friend Marena.

She has already mastered one of the file folder games. She amazes me everyday how much she loves preschool and how she can handle the intense four hours we are there. She usually eats her lunch (packed in her princess lunch box) while I clean up the room and prep for the next day. She then typically falls fast asleep on the way home and naps for about two hours.

Here she is with Will. She really loves Will and she asked him to help her with her puzzle-isn't that so cute?!

Overall the first few days have been great. My four year olds act like they have done this a hundred times and are really mature. My three year olds are so sweet and there are ten girls in that class and only for now three little boys. I am blessed to have a wonderful aide, supportive and great parents, and sweet and eager learners. This is going to be a great year!

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  1. This year WILL be a great year. Thanks to you. You are amazing my friend!! Kelly