Thursday, September 29, 2011

Preschool Girl and Reality

We are slowly settling back into the real world after our magical trip to Disney. I really missed my preschoolers while I was gone and I was glad to see them Monday morning. Not only did I miss our preschool friends, but Hope missed them as well:) My girl adores preschool and it has been such a blessing to both of us.

Here she is at the library with our preschool friends on "blue" day!

At the table with our friends, she looks so big and grownup. I cannot believe how much she loves it! She is already talking about having friends over for playdates!!

Wednesday we made apple pies for letter A and here she is making her own little pie. For the most part, she fully participates in whatever the class is doing. I love it so much that she loves books and learning already

Yummy apple pie!

Doing her color sheet for "green" day. For green day we decorated cookies with green icing, ate green grapes, and drank green juice. The kids loved it so much.

I adore this picture of my girl so much. She is obsessed with coloring and writing. Truly different from my boys at this age. A stack of blank paper and crayons will entertain her for hours.

My classes did the sweetest thing for me for my birthday. The parents asked each family to send in a flower for me. When they got there with the flowers my wonderful aide organized them into this beautiful bouquet! I loved watching the children's excited little faces walking in clutching those flowers. I love that some of the flowers had been loved so much that they were about dead by the time they got to me. I truly have the most supportive and awesome families to work with at preschool.

David had a checkup over his ear tube surgery and the surgeon said that his tubes looked great. We are going to go back to the audiologist next week to check and see if the surgery did indeed improve his hearing. It is hard to tell because David is not the most reliable informant! Ha!

We have lots of fun on the horizon with a fun Hokie night game this weekend. Tomorrow David and I are going with AShley and several other friends to Roanoke for the Jason Aldean concert!! After all the planning it is here! I cannot wait to watch my David sing along with his hero:)

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