Thursday, September 22, 2011

Disney Day 3

This sign walking into Magic Kingdon made me tear up because so far this whole trip has been so much fun that I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories we have made here.

One of the precious memories that I will always cherish is how my red-head has become obsessed with this autograph book and how he wants to get it ready and get those autographs by himself! A couple of years ago he would not have had the guts to approach characters but now he does it with confidence. Here is my favorite seven year old with Mickey and Minnie!

This also is so precious to me because we were leaving our greet and meet time with them and David ran back to Mickey and grabbed him in this hug and said "I love you Mickey and Minnie!" It was so precious and it even touched the photographer!

What is that big, tall, beautiful thing in front of us???

Oh my word it is Cinderella's castle!!!! Several times during the day they have this really cute show!

My princess cannot believe that is really where Cinderella lives:) Thanks to Hope we all know our princesses now:)

Not only did my girl love the castle, but she and David both loved these race cars. Super cool!

Kyle was thrilled that he finally is tall enough to drive solo. This trip has totally made me realize how fast my children are growing up. It seems like yesterday we were here with Daniel and Pam and Kyle was still dancing with Bear and the Big Blue house! Now he is able and willing to ride anything in the parks and that freaks me out a little.

At Magic Kingdom we were able to walk right on Buzz Light Year Ride and here both boys are posing for a picture in the ride. It was another cool ride where you try to shoot at stuff and it was a hit with us all.

My ever competitive husband racking up the points on our Space Ranger Ride! I thought it was all romantic that we were riding a car together but Mike was way more interested in trying to get more points than me! HA!

Dave and GG in the Space Ranger ride!

One of the rides that I remember as a child was It's A Small World and we all rode it together this trip. Kyle was not thrilled with it, but the rest of us enjoyed it! It was a cool ride in the hot part of the day so that was a bonus!

Me and Minnie!!!!!! We stood in line a short while to get pics with Mickey and Minnie. I love me a good character photo op!

To end the day the boys headed to Garden Grill for dinner, and the girls headed to dinner with the princesses! It was magical and wonderful and it deserves it own post! I still think Hollywood Studios is my favorite, but our day at Magic Kingdom was awesome!!

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  1. Oh my magical day Robinson Family. You ALL look like you are having a BLAST. I can just feel the magic in your words. Two little girls have asked everyday to see "Hope Madeline on her princess trip". We have enjoyed every minute. Save travels home friends!!