Friday, September 23, 2011

An Enchanted Evening

One eveninig at dinner we divided up for dinner. The boys headed to Garden Grill and the girls headed to Norway in Epcot for dinner with the princesses! Because of Hope we are getting to see and enjoy a different side of Disney-the princesses! Hope has princess mania big time right now and is really into the different movies and we are starting to collect lots of princess stuff.

Belle is our favorite princess and while you waited to get seated, you got your picture made with her. Here she is signing our autograph book! I love her because she is a bookworm and Hope adores the movie. Of course my Princess did not love the photo op!

This is a terrible picture of me (we were drenched from a rain storm) but I think it is hilarious because Hope is WAILING!! SHe loves Belle from a distance and this photo op was a little too close for comfort:) Ha!

Princess Aurora during the princess processional. During the dinner the princesses paraded around the room and all the little girls were allowed to follow them in the processional. My little princess of course wanted nothing to do with that, but she enjoyed watching all the glitz and glamour parade by.

Here is my little princess watching all the princesses big and small parade by. The food at this dinner was awesome! There was an appetizer and salad buffett and then we also got a plated dinner and dessert. It really felt like a special evening and all three of the princesses at our table felt like belles of the ball. I did not bring her princess royal gown but she did look cute in her pink princess tutu dress that the Jonas gave her for her birthday.

GG with Snow White!

There is beautiful Cinderella, but here is my princess wailing her head off because once again she got a little close for comfort! Ha! This restaurant was full of sparkles, gowns, tiaras, and smiles. What a magical evening with my Mom and my little princess.

My princess certainly had a magical night with her Mommy and GG. Because of Hope we are experiencing things at Disney that we have never gotten to do! Last time we came I do not even remember seeing one princess and now this trip we have gotten all their autographs! I am so thankful for this wonderful girly night with my ever-growing princess.

I use to roll my eyes at all the princess-mania but about a year ago I read an article from a christian magazine about the fact that it is okay to let our little girls idolize the princesses, because it is a good reminder to them that they are the princess to the most High King. Ever since I read that article in Focus on the Family (I think) then I have been okay with Hope falling in love with all this princess stuff. Because of this trip she is even more obsessed with all the princesses, with Belle being her favorite. I am okay with that because Belle is a book worm!

I am so thankful for such a wonderful and special night with just the girls on this trip. Despite my crazy hairdo from the rain and humidity we all felt like true princesses on this magical night at Disney!

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