Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Hoops All Weekend

Blessedly our weekend was full of basketball for both boys.  I am so thankful because weekends before David's scans are long and hard.  This weekend was a basketball whirlwind but we were together as a family having fun. 

Kyle's AAU team, the Hornets, did not play their best this weekend, but we had fun cheering them on.  Kyle loves basketball and he has made some awesome friends on our sweet team. 
We played an 8 a.m. game Saturday morning, so after the game several families enjoyed a breakfast buffet to celebrate the win. We love when it works out that we can fellowship with our team family between games.  This group of boys is such a joy to be around. 
My tip-off man!  I think Kyle is a huge kid until we go to these AAU tournaments and often I want to check some birth certificates when we play again other fifth grade teams. 
Kyle has hit several three pointers this season and he loves it.  I am so thankful that he has a passion for something that makes him exercise and that we all enjoy doing as a family.  Everytime I think to complain about the early mornings for a tournament I remember that he could be at home playing xbox or being lazy.  Sports are a great way to learn lots of life lessons like teamwork, discipline, committment, and friendship. 
Daddy coaching and he loves it as much as the kids do.  After the Hornets lost today we made it home for David's Upward Basketball game! 
This kid cracks us all up with his Lebron James obsession.  He will not play without wearing his Lebron James headband! 
David has several sweet friends on his team and here he is with Garrett his friend from church and school.  I know David's hair is unruly but I am struggling to cut it.  This was the original  hair that came back post-chemo and I am having a hard time cutting it.  I know it sounds silly, but he was bald for so long that it is kind of cool to see his wild hair. 
David getting in on the action.  Because of the time we spend in the gym and watching hoops at home he understands the concept of basketball well.  His slower reflexes make it a little hard for him to keep up with a fast-paced game, but he loves it and we love cheering for him. 
During David's games it is fun that Kyle can actually watch Hope so I can enjoy David's game.  Here he is teaching her how to dribble.  She is really not interested in hoops for now, despite  her Daddy and brother's best attempts at getting her to play.  She really just wants to put her leotard on and go to gymnastics.

I know this sounds weird and sounds as if I do not have faith, but this scan this week is bothering me.  The one in November was super high stakes because that was the longest he had gone without treatment prior to a scan.  With the holidays this three month cycle has rolled around quickly yet I am nervous.  Very nervous. 

I know what to do and I need to go do it.  When stress, fear, and panic try to overtake me I literally soak up God's word. I am listening to a new sermon series from Oak Hills Church right now on prayer and it is fantastic.  The same God that got us through 2012 is walking with me now.  He knows my fear, and once again he reminds me in 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

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  1. Laura,

    I work at Southwest VA UniServ and have been following your posts throughout David's illness, treatments and recovery. It has been a HUGE blessing to pray for my family to pray for you and your precious family.

    On Nov. 12th, 2013, I became ill quite suddenly. I was diagnosed with pancreatitis caused by a very bad gallbladder which made sludge and sand sized gallstones. The sludge and gallstones blocked up my common bile duct. I was extremely ill for 57 days. Days in which I kept hearing the words "you are wonderfully made" with each step I took....steps in which I kept asking God to either heal me or take me.

    One day at lunch, I opened my Bible to Psalms. The Psalm I had opened to was verses 13 and 14....those were the exact words that the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of when every step, every breath, everything was so excuriatingly painful. On the bright side, God told me he was going to heal me....He led me to a wondeful surgeon who removed my gallbladder and I woke up healed!

    My scars are cross shaped (I AM a marked woman) and I've lost 18 pounds with at least 12 more to go. David is wonderfully made and God knew the number of his days before the first day even began! That's the day God spoke the world and the heavens into being!

    We'll keep up the prayer on this end.

    Thank you for your posts! They mean the world to me!

    Tammy Connolly