Friday, February 8, 2013

God's girl

This is the longest that I have gone without blogging in a long time.  It has been THAT kind of week.  Nothing major but just a few little annoyances that have added up to be a yucky week.  I have been enjoying the book Unglued by Lysa Teurkurst.  I guess God really felt that I needed work on this topic, because I have had several opportunities this week interacting with others where I felt the need to come unglued. 

We women are emotional and often hormonal creatures that lead with our hearts and fiercely love our babes. Sometimes as wives and mommies we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders as we try to juggle it all. This week I have not done a great job juggling and therefore came unglued a few times. 

I sadly have allowed myself to come unglued a lot lately which has not been a pretty thing.  Believe me.  This line from the book stopped me in my tracks when dealing with people that make me so angry that I have felt like coming unglued.

In this moment I am choosing to be self-controlled and alert.  You actions are begging me to yell and lose control.  But I realize that I have an enemy and that enemy is not you.  The devil is prowling and roaring and looking to devour me through my own lack of control right now, but I am GOD's girl.  That's right, I am.  I am going to humbly and quietly let God have his way in me. 

That phrase God's girl grabbed my attention.  Despite the fact that I often come unglued, judge others, throw around a little gossip from time to time, I am desperate to be God's girl.   Being known as God's girl will not only change me and how I interact with others, but will set an example for my Hope to one day be God's girl too. 

I pray that my children will remember the times we read together, prayed together, and served others together over the times that I came unglued when the apple juice was spilled (just happened this week), did not show grace to another when I needed to (happened yesterday) and not restraining my mouth.

If you are in need of a "how to" for controlling your raw emotions, I highly recommend Unglued.  It has helped me so much.  My husband might even think it would be a good idea for me to read it again:) 

Have a great weekend!

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