Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last Year

After a rough week last week this weekend has been perfect.  Lots of home family time, dinner out as a family, a quiet Friday night to myself (wow), church, and a sweet birthday party for a friend.  I am so thankful for times where I can be home and quiet.  The older I get the more I crave quiet time to listen to music, listen to a sermon podcast, or even enjoy Army  Wives on Netflix! 

 Valentine picture 2012
Today David had a friend over to play after his basketball game.  I was touched to see the boys in their uniforms playing xbox and having a blast.  This time last year, my baby was hospitalized for six days for a tough chemo regimen.  This year there is a bag of valentines for him to take to his friends at school and last year we had gift bags to hand out to his friends on the hall in the hospital because he was hospitalized for Vaentines Day last year.  

I was overcome that this time last year my baby was balding and hospitalized and this year he has a head full of hair and played hard in a basketball game. 
This picture is so pitiful to me because this is after he had chemo his counts were so low we had to homeschool him for two weeks or so until it was safe for him to return to school.  On one hand it makes me want to bawl when I look back over pictures of his chemo journey, but then the Momma in me is so proud of how much he went through and he kept singing praises to God and making us laugh when we wanted to cry.  I am so proud to be David's momma. 
Today a dear friend shared with me that she went back to November 2011 on this blog and started re-reading some of those earlier posts.  I too have done that and it is brutal.  I still cannot believe what this amazing rock star went through.  I am also not naiive to the fact that he has one kidney that is only working about 50% and that sometime down the road that fact may rear its ugly head. 
But for tonight I am enjoying the sense of renewal I have after a weekend of relaxation and home time.  I am enjoying the fact that David is about 12-14 pounds heavier now than he was this time last year.  I am relishing the Valentines we worked hard on for his school party because that means he is healthy enough to attend this year, and most importantly for God and His grace.  I am not worthy of it, but He continues to lavish it upon me when the days are tough and this Momma is weary. 

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