Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend in Charlottesville

We are finally home after our amazing little getaway to Charlottesville.  Hope and I brought home a nasty cold but with a little rest we should both be okay.  It was such a joy to have two days together as a family. 

I know it will not always be feasible to take both kids with us, but it was such a joy to have them.  David clung to his Kyle and he insisted to sit on his lap while they took his vitals. 
Mommy and David while he is a little loopy on Versed.:) 
Hope opening her gift that she received in clinic.  What a treasure that place is. 
We ate at one of our favorite Charlottesville places for our celebration dinner and this is what my plate looked like.  Yummo! 
We offered the kids several options for fun Friday night after we heard the good news and they chose the hotel swimming pool:) 
Saturday morning we did a little shopping and then headed to the dance marathon.  We had such an amazing time there and here are all three kids on the huge obstacle course. 
David was THRILLED that his doctor, Dr. Belyea was at the dance marathon.  Despite the fact that he had two twin boys to chase, he was so kind to hang with David.  David adores him so much and he was excited to show him his Spiderman Stand Up to Cancer shirt that Kilby sent him several months ago:)
This kid had a ball shooting hoops and running through the obstacle course with several members of the UVA wrestling team. 
Once an hour the dance marathoners would come on the floor and dance this really cool morale dance. 
Dr. Belyea even raced through the obstacle course with David.  It was wonderful to socialize with the staff and other families that we have met through clinic.

This little girl spent the whole time bouncing in the bouncy houses and sliding down the slide.  She was not the least bit shy and when we saw Ms. Cathy, David's original teacher at UVA, she talked her leg off!  Good to see you Ms. Cathy!!
David and Kyle both enjoyed their time with the UVA wrestling team and David had such fun playing NCIS with them and putting them all in jail.  David was in rare form and despite how hard it was to keep up with him, it was AWESOME to see his energy and spunk!  What a difference a year makes and we are so thankful for his health. 
One of the exciting things that happened while we were at the dance marathon was that we were asked to be a Children's Miracle Network Miracle Family for UVA hospital.  We do not know what it entails yet, but after the amazing care we have received we would love to give back by being ambassadors for the hospital.  They needed to get a short video of our family so since I had already spoken at the marathon, Mike and David chose to be videoed for the miracle family program. 
David and kyle playing hoops with the wrestlers.  This was such a fun event and all three kids had a ball.  We left hot and tired after all the fun, yet we felt so blessed to be apart of such an awesome event that brings funding to the place that has treated our David.  We are now home thankful for the good news we received and precious family time, with new family memories tucked in our hearts.  Thanks Charlottesville for a wonderful weekend.

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