Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Take 2

Between motherhood and preschool every holiday gets REALLY celebrated around here. After three parties in two days (two at preschool and one with Dave at school) I do not care to see another cupcake anytime soon. I am sure my two youngest will be in bed early tonight. I will be right there with them:)

Here is Hope's sweet little bag she decorated to put her Valentines in.  She had another great preschool party today and amazingly she threw away most of her party food after a few bites. 
Here is our little three year old class of cuties with all three of us teachers.  I love my job and I love the kids and ladies I work with.  Such a blessing!
After partying at preschool we headed to David's school to party with some cool second graders.  Here is Hope, David and David's bff Kelsey. 
These pictures are out of order, but here are Hope and Brooklyn getting ready to make their birdseed bird feeders.  That was one of the stations are the party today. 

David and Mr. Nutter. 
The Robinson Valentine picture of 2013!! Our babies are growing up so fast!!  Look how full David's face looks and look at all of his HAIR!!! 

I love Valentine's Day. I know it is a made up holiday to get us to buy stuff, but I love the idea of taking a day and celebrating the loves in our lives.  I am blessed to have three Valentines from God that call me mom and I am also thankful that God blessed me with Mike.

Mike and I have been married for 13 years.  Our marriage is NOT perfect and last week we were grumpy with each other.  We fall into the trap where our marriage comes behind our kids, our jobs, our house, everything.  I know we need to make more time to nurture our marriage, but this is a man that has held me through the tough times of the last decade.

Our marriage has weathered moves, lots of new jobs, a stressful current job for him, three children, extended family drama, a child with a disability we were not expecting, and cancer.  I remember riding in that ambulance to UVA with David and the awesome folks from Smyth County Ambulance Service.  Mike met us at UVA, and I remember when we were rushing through the ER to get him to the floor to be admitted, I asked them to stop.  I remember opening the doors to the waiting room in the ER and yelling loudly for Mike.  I was desperate to see him and hug him.  He was the only one in the world at that moment that felt the depths of my sorrow and fear. 

Our marriage is not perfect at all, but on this Valentine's Day I am thankful for a Godly husband that believes in marriage for life (if we do not kill each others first-ha!)  Just kidding, but I am thankful today that I can celebrate the loves in my life and one of those loves is Michael Robinson. 

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