Friday, February 22, 2013

Scan Update

Blessedly we have awesome news to report tonight!  After a long day at UVA, we got the call around 4 that David's scan was clean today!  Praise be the Lord!  We were relieved and felt so thankful for another three months of "normal" life. 

We took the whole family today and it really made the day not seem too stressful and long.  Hope and Kyle, along with their Ipads, were troopers while David was sedated.  It was just a treat that we were all five together and then when the good news came in we could celebrate as a family.  The kids chose to eat out together and then come back to the hotel to swim as our victory party.

The day started out extremely early-we were all showered and dressed and at the hospital by 7.  David took his Versed which is difficult to get down him, but it is a wonderful amnesia drug that erases all of his memories.  It was a stress-free day for him because the amazing folks here did labs while he was sedated, removed his ear tubes (amazing right?!) and the scan was done.  He was sedated longer than usual but we were allowed to return to the room before he was fully awake.  Have I mentioned lately that this place is amazing???

After the scan was done we had our monthly clinic visit.  His labs were back by the time we got there so that was a quick visit.  Ms. Meghan showed us the video that will be shown tomorrow and it is amazing and made this Momma tear up.  We are all excited to have fun at the Dance Marathon tomorrow.  The video will be unveiled tomorrow  and we have been asked to say a few words at the dance marathon.  Usually I do not like to speak in public, but we feel so thankful to this place that I must publically share how thankful we are for UVA.  Kyle is excited to meet some UVA athletes, Hope is excited for the bouncey houses, and we are excited to fellowship with our doctors and other families. 

Today in clinic was a fun day.  All three of my children received a goody bag of goodies and these cute smiley faced cookies.  A family that lost their child to cancer come every year on this day to bring treats and gifts to all the clinic children as a way to honor their child who fought the beast called childhood cancer. 

Today has been a long yet awesomeday.  We are so thankful for your prayers, love, and encouragement.  My cell phone buzzed all day with texts of love and encouragement.  Your love encouraged us through a long, anxious day and I am so thankful that God has blessed with us so many friends that love our David like your own.  From the bottom of our hearts we are so thankful to almighty God who god us through this day, your love and encouragement, and most importantly your prayers. 

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  1. Hallelujah! Have anxiously waited to hear the outcome. Thanking Jesus now!